Collaborative Partnerships Improve the Return on Receivables

CBJ forms a collaborative partnership with our clients to confront the challenge of accounts receivable. We improve the return on receivables and effectively manage costs while providing quality services and maintaining our clients’ community reputation. CBJ uses leading computer and telephone technology, innovative staffing models and in-depth training to deliver client-based solutions that maximize recoveries.

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Courteous and Cost-Effective Services that Deliver Results

CBJ's collections philosophy emphasizes a consumer-friendly approach, which is supported by our in-depth collector training program and thorough integration of regulatory compliance measures with our collection operations. Our representatives are knowledgeable, courteous and professional in communicating to your customers – ensuring compliance and maintaining customer good-will.

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Advanced Technological Capabilities and Management Techniques

CBJ’s comprehensive collections process offers the latest in computer technology with online access to your accounts anytime 24/7. Advanced technological capabilities are combined with innovative management techniques to measure and improve recoveries. We leverage our management expertise with leading technology to provide our clients with an unbeatable combination that delivers significant results and sets us apart from our competitors.

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