Letter Service

CBJ’s Letter Service is a great cost-efficient solution for low balance, past due accounts. Individually, or as part of a letter series, our results-oriented letter service is designed to be flexible – effectively collecting smaller past-due accounts and accelerating payment of accounts modestly past-due. You retain full control of the account and 100% of any sums collected.

Our highly successful letters communicate the urgency of payment and instruct the consumer to remit the balance directly to your office. We maintain a full library of letters designed to achieve results for our clients while complying fully with all federal and state laws and regulations. In addition, letters can be tailored to meet the specific needs and unique requirements of each client.

CBJ’s letter programs are implemented to strategically meet client objectives. Targeted mailings that are linked to specific events can be sent in various stages or letters can be sent on an as needed basis, depending upon the circumstances of each account and the client’s specific requirements.